Study in Germany

German degrees are recognized all over the world and are considered to be one of the best in the world. You can study at Munich University which is one of the best 100 universities in the world according to QS world rank.

Language Course
German language proficiency is a must for waving tuition fees. Any student can study German from A1 level to C1 level in 42 weeks in Germany. Students can stay with host families to master the language faster and pay less for accommodation. This will enable students to improve their accents, join various activities, and learn about the German culture.

Financial Assistance
Fees are waved after mastering the German language.

Reorganization of International Students
German universities provide support to international students. A specialized separate office for international students offers help and guidance from the very first day.

The success of any student will be directly proportional to the amount of dedication and hard work he or she exercises. Undoubtedly, Germany offers a very high quality of education. The variety of skills and cross-culture environment can make the learning experience in German universities a rich and unique one. With such diverse academic and cultural backgrounds, international students are better prepared for working with absolute ease anywhere in the world.

To study in German Universities, students have to meet the minimum requirements provided by the German government, and these requirements are different from one high school program to another as follows:

 1.Thanawyya Amma:

– All Fields are accepted

– Grade score for Medicine Applicants should be at least 93%
– Grade score for Engineering Applicants should be at least 75%
– Grade score for all other Majors should be at least 75%


– Applicants should have at least:

4 A-levels (Including one Language)

3 A-levels + 1 AS-Level in a language

For Engineering Applicants, Math is a MUST.
For Medicine Applicants, Chemistry is a MUST.

3.International Baccalaureate:

– Applicants must have the following:

6 Subjects:

2 Languages (A or B HL).
1 Natural Science (Bio, Chemistry, Physics).
Math (Mathematical methods or Math HL, or further Math in combination with Math HL).
1 Social Science (History, Geography, Economics).
1 Further Subject.
At Least 4 Points in each.
At Least 35 points overall (For Medicine 40 points and above).

American High School Diploma:

– Applicants must have the following:

4 Units in English.
2 Unites in a Foreign Language.
3 Unites in Social Studies.
2 to 3 Unites in Math
2 to 3 Unites in Science (Totally 5 Units in Math and Science)
– CGPA MUST be more than 3.
-1300 SAT points in Critical reading and Math