Edex Education Consultancy Pvt. Ltd provides competitive and qualitative range of services for international students.

  • Consultation, pre-assessment advice and counselling.
  • Course application assistance
  • Institutional support and settlement
  • Ongoing student and family support, and
  • Online services.
  • Counselling services to applicants (Universities, Colleges & English Language Centres).
  • Interviewing facilities on premises.
  • Pre-departure briefing meetings for students.
  • Assistance with students’ visa requirements (if applicable).
  • Assistance with students’ travel arrangements.
  • Provide placement tests for English language ability.
  • Provide suitable accommodation for students with a host family, or a boarding school (for students joining English language Centers), and on-campus accommodation (for students joining Universities).
  • Placing students at a suitable partner English Language Centers to meet the entry-level English language requirements for the University from which the student has a conditional offer.
  • Coordinating with students for further studies in partner institutions.
  • Successful academic cooperation links have been established between Global Vision Academic Services and the following reputable Universities and English Language Centers.

What we do ?

If you have the dream, we have the way. Study internationally with Edex Education Consultancy Pvt.Ltd

Edex Education Consultancy Pvt.Ltd provides a wide range of services to support you with your international education journey. If you are dreaming of studying overseas, Edex  will get you there. From course information to career advice, we are dedicated to you and your international future.


Free Study Abroad Counselling :

Our counselors are international education specialists who are ready to do whatever it takes to help you find the right course and country, Best part, all sessions are free.


Visa applications assistance:
Well guide you the application process and help you prepare the right documents for your visa submission

Prepare for departure :

Get off plane feeling confident and ready for the adventures ahead with our pre departure suppor

Student welcome events:

Our support does not once you arrive in your country EDEX hosts regular events to welcome student to their new country.